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3-Day Visitor Unlimited3-Day Visitor Unlimited

Ideal for visiting passengers who ride more than 6 buses during a 3-day period.
Good for unlimited rides for three consecutive days, including the first day of use, regardless of which day of the week it’s first used. (For example, if you use your HARTride Card for the first time on Thursday, it is good through Saturday.
Valid on local routes for unlimited rides all day.
Valid on TECO Line Streetcar System plus HART Local and In-Town Trolley routes. Bulk purchase discount rate is $9.00 for 200 or more 3-Day Visitor Fare Cards - ideal for conventions and meetings. Call (813) 223-6831 to order at bulk rate.
For information on guided tours onboard the TECO Line Streetcar System, call (813) 223-6831.
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